Migdale Boat Update

The new owners of the house beside the boat moorings have sent the club the message below. 

The boat remains tied up next to the public parking on the Migdale road for the time being.

“The notice on your website regarding the boats on Loch Migdale isn’t correct, I think it worth clarifying the position:

We don’t own the land where the boats are moored, don’t have any objections to them staying there and have never asked for them to be removed.

This is our home and we do not see why fishermen should come through our garden to access the boats.  You will appreciate the position was very different when Rob was actively running a business from the house. 

When we bought the property we were assured that a new access track would be created to avoid fishermen coming through our garden to get to the boats and our understanding was that this is in hand and so there is simply no need to come through our garden.

Three club members came down on Friday specifically to move the club boat, we did not ask them to do so, We did explain that any future access to the boathouse area should not be through our garden.

I hope this clarifies the situation and would ask that you please amend the Website statement accordingly. I would suggest all that is needed is the second paragraph of the website notice saying where the boat is and how to get to it.”