Sea Trout Fishing

Our special low cost day, or weekly, permits are available for Sea Trout fishing on both banks below Bonar Bridge. This can provide excellent sport when using 10 ft fly rod and small flies. The choice of fly is, as always a matter of debate with each fisher having their own favourite.  However there are proven successful flies for sea Trout on the Kyle amongst them are, Silver Stoat, Teal Blue and Silver, Dunkeld, Hairy Mary, Munro Killer and a Gold Munro, these are a few to get you started.

Now, where are the fish? Well they are there; the trick of course, is to find them, good places to look? On the North bank, the left bank from the bridge to a red shed, which is clearly visible, it is all deep and ideal for both fly and spinning. There is a Kyle side walk which will allow access to this area.  After the Red Shed it is possible to wade downstream onto the causeway. The causeway is a mudflat which is clearly visible at low tide.  Sound complicated? Look at the photograph, hopefully it will help.


The other bank, the right bank, below the car park, is also suitable for wading in front of the Island downstream. There is also a separate path to the back estuary, the bay channel facing Ardgay which is a little further walk along the grass bank. It all sounds complicated but, it is more or less self explanatory when looking at the real thing.

The area below the bridge, this applies to the whole of the Kyle, is fished on a falling tide.  The best time to start fishing is approximately one hour after high tide, but if in doubt just ask the local bailiff or any local who is fishing and they will help you out.

The wading is good but use a wading staff for comfort on new water, and a buoyancy aid is recommended. Check the map and rules you will receive with your permit. Both banks are either fly or spinning and worming is allowed from the bridge down to the white marker posts.  Over the last few years Sea Trout have been taken in the 1lb to 3lb pound range on a regular basis, with larger fish making frequent appearances.  There is also a good head of Brown Trout present.  The daily bag limit is 4 Sea Trout with all Finnock (fish under 1lb in weight) being returned.

We hope you have an enjoyable outing and return in the future to catch a bigger one!!

Tight lines.