If you wish to join the association then download an application form (link) and send it to the Treasurer.

Members’ Rules

All members of the Kyle of Sutherland Angling Association (KoSAA) are required to acquaint themselves with, and adhere to, these rules, which supersede all earlier versions as of April 2024.

Sea Trout & Salmon Fishing


In common with other fisheries KoSAA supports and upholds a policy of conservation.  It is essential that all members of KoSAA should adhere to both the letter and the spirit of this policy.

Membership Cards

Membership cards and permits must be carried at all times when fishing and produced to Bailiffs or any member on request.

Fishing Season

The fishing season for salmon and sea trout on the Kyle of Sutherland is from 1st June to 30 September inclusive.

Fishing Methods

Fishing on The Kyle is by rod and line using fly or spinning methods only.  The use of bait, including worm, prawn or any fish-based products, is strictly prohibited with the exception that worm may be used below Bonar Road Bridge.  The use of treble hooks is forbidden, including when spinning.

Fly Fishing Areas

All of the Kyle with the exception of the designated spinning and worming areas at Bonar Bridge is ‘fly only’.  Details of the designated spinning and worming areas are shown on the accompanying maps. It is the member’s responsibility to acquaint him or herself with these areas.

Sale of Fish

No fish taken from KoSAA waters may be sold or offered for sale.

Catch Limits

The catch limit for all Salmon and Grilse is 15 which must be released.

All Sea Trout 50cm and longer must be released (measured from the nose to the fork of the tail).

Trout/Finnock under 1lb to be released.

Members may kill/keep up to two Sea Trout per day.

Anglers are asked to consider releasing Sea Trout caught while fishing for Salmon.

All Salmon/Grilse caught must be released and the catch notified as soon as possible to Kenny or at the latest by the Monday night of the week following their capture.

Guidance on Catch and Release

The use of barbless or single hooks, whilst not obligatory is strongly recommended.

A fish once hooked should be brought as quickly as possible into quiet water for quick release.

Any fish caught should be kept in the water.  Exposing a fish to the air, even for a short period, can significantly reduce its chances of survival.

Handling should be minimised.  When necessary, the fish may be supported from beneath but not squeezed or held by the gills.

After removing the hook, or cutting the leader, if necessary, the fish should be supported facing into the current and allowed to recover until it swims off.

Etiquette and Behaviour

Members must behave with courtesy and consideration to other anglers.

Members must take their turn to enter a pool or beat.

Members must not enter a pool or beat less than 30m above another angler.

Anglers must move at least two paces downstream following each cast.

A member may re-enter the water at the point where he or she caught a fish.

Catch Returns

It is a strict condition that members submit an accurate catch return within two weeks of the end of the season.  Returns must be made to the Secretary.  Failure to comply with this requirement may result in refusal of membership for subsequent years.

Trout Fishing

Fishing Season

The fishing season is from 15 March to 6 October inclusive.


Fishing is by fly only.  Treble hooks are illegal and must not be used


Access must be made using recognised roads/paths only.  No camping or fires are allowed.


No more than three rods are permitted in a boat.  Keys must be returned to the outlet from which they were obtained unless there is an agreement with the outlet to the contrary.

Any damage to boats must be reported immediately to the outlet or to the Secretary.

Anglers will be held liable for damage caused by abuse or neglect.


Water can be dangerous.  It is important that all members have and use appropriate safety equipment when bank fishing or wading, such as wearing a buoyancy aid and using a wading staff.  Special care must be taken when entering, moving in and leaving water to ensure that safe practices are observed.

When fishing from a boat appropriate safety equipment including a buoyancy aid must be used.

Junior members under the age of twelve years must be accompanied by a responsible adult at all times whilst fishing.  Their use of chest waders is not permitted.

KoSAA’s insurance applies to all members with the condition that juniors under the age of 16 years must be accompanied/supervised by a responsible adult of at least 21 years of age.

KoSAA will not accept responsibility for any incident arising from failure by a member to use appropriate safety equipment and follow safe practices.

The Country Code

Members are asked to take great care not to damage, crops or fences or injure livestock.  Please keep to recognised access routes, keep dogs strictly on a leash, and leave all gates as you found them.

Please leave no litter, especially discarded fishing line.

Updated April 2024