Scap Parking

A member’s pickup caught fire in the parking spot at the Scap on Saturday night. Anyone going to the Scap should be aware that the available parking may be restricted until the pickup is removed and that there may be broken glass on the road.


The 2021 season got off to a good start on Tuesday when a fish of about 9lb was caught in the Honeypot by KoSAA member Adam Ormston when fishing the morning tide. 

Subject to Scottish Government Coronavirus Guidance allowing, visitors are very welcome to fish the KOSAA waters and tickets are available from Kenny Campbell, our river watcher.

During the fishable tides Kenny is usually based at the old ice house next to the road bridge at Bonar Bridge.

KoSAA Loch Boats

Following the recent relaxation of the Scottish Government’s Coronavirus restrictions the KoSAA loch boats have been put into the water on Loch Migdale and Loch Buidhe. Hopefully the remaining boats will be put into the water within the next few weeks. Please contact Kenny or Julia Campbell to check the availability of the boats and to arrange collection of the keys.

COVID19 SAFETY – You should follow the latest FACTS rules when fishing, carry and use hand sanitiser, and be aware of the prolonged survival of Covid19 virus on hard surfaces. Please disinfect oars and seats before and after use.

KoSAA Kyle Beats 2021

KoSAA’s leases with the Kyle proprietors have now been confirmed for this season.
This means that the fishing available to members and visitors remains the same as previous seasons, as shown on the Maps  page.
Membership renewals and applications should be sent to the treasurer. Contact details can be found here.

KoSAA News Update March 2021

Unfortunately because of the ongoing coronavirus situation the committee is unable to organise an AGM at this time.

The Kyle will open for fishing for members and visitors on 1st June 2021, subject to the Scottish Government coronavirus restrictions at that time allowing.

All persons fishing will be expected to familiarise themselves with and adhere to any government restrictions or guidance in place at that time. KoSAA will not be responsible for any actions which contravene government guidance.

The committee is hopeful that the beats available to KoSAA on the Kyle will remain unchanged for the 2021 season, however, at the time of writing, the leases have not been confirmed. The website will be updated later with confirmation of the association’s fishing for this season.

The Kyle will remain as catch and release for salmon. This is a condition of our leases. Members and visitors may retain up to 2 sea trout per day but all finnock under 1lb and sea trout 50cm and longer must be released.

Please remember to notify Kenny Campbell, our river watcher of any salmon or sea trout caught by the end of the week in which the catch is made. Contact details for Kenny can be found here.

Fees for the 2021 season are as follows:

Adult Member (age 21 to 64 inclusive)£120
Senior Member (age 65 and older)£90
Adult Concession (age 18 to 20 inclusive)£50 (unchanged)
Junior Member (age 17 and younger)Free (unchanged)
Associate Member£150
Below Bridge (sea trout only)£10 / day; £40 / season
Visitor Tickets£35 / day; £180 / week

Membership will be restricted to permanent residents of Ross-shire and Sutherland. Associate Membership will be available to persons residing outwith these areas. 

The cost of visitor tickets for trout fishing in the lochs will remain unchanged.

Because of coronavirus, boat fishing on the lochs using the KoSAA boats will remain closed until further notice. Bank fishing will be allowed if government coronavirus guidelines are followed.

Membership renewal fees for the 2021 season are due by 1st May 2021. Contact details for the treasurer can be found here.

Kyle Fishing Opening to Visitors

Following the Scottish Government’s relaxation of the coronavirus restrictions to Phase 3 the committee has decided to open up the fishing on the Kyle to visitors and associate members from out with the Highlands. Visitors will be expected to adhere to any current guidelines and observe appropriate social distancing.

The situation in the UK remains volatile with regions still experiencing localised surges in infections and this relaxation may be subject to change at short notice if circumstances demand.

Please contact Kenny or Mimi Campbell for further information. Their contact details are in the “contact us” section of this website. 


Following the recent relaxation of the Scottish Government Coronavirus Guidelines the KOSAA season opened for members on 1st June and our vice-chairman, Douglas Macleay, caught what is thought to be the first fish of the season from the Kyle on Monday 8th June. Douglas was fishing The Gangway and the fish, estimated at about 12lbs to 14lbs, was fresh from the sea and covered in long tailed sea lice. Well done Douglas. 

Anyone who wishes to renew their membership for this season should contact Mimi or Kenny Campbell, Kenny is usually at the old ice house next to the bridge during the fishable tides to issue sea trout tickets for locals.

Please check and adhere to the latest Scottish Government guidelines if you intend to fish.