Due to the escalating number of Coronovirus cases in Scotland,  I have
decided to postpone the KOSAA AGM which was scheduled for 12th March. 

I hope that we may be able to reschedule the meeting in the  late Spring
once the Scottish Government knows better what it is dealing with.

Peter Routledge

Catch Returns Reminder

Members were sent catch return forms with their membership cards and tags at the beginning of the season. Please complete these and return them to the secretary no later than 14th October 2019. Nil returns are required and please remember to enter the number of days that you fished for salmon each month on the form.

Pink Salmon 2019

Pink salmon have been found in the Kyle rivers during July 2019, Fishery Management Scotland have produced a new advice note. This has been produced in collaboration with Marine Scotland, SNH and SEPA and provides advice on what to do if these fish are captured or observed, what information should be recorded and how samples should be stored. The advice note may be downloaded from the Fishery Management Scotland web page on Pink salmon:-

A link to the document is also included below. Please report any incidences of these fish to Fisheries Management Scotland who will collate this information.

190503 INNS – Statement Pink salmon 5

First Kyle Fish of the Season

KoSAA member Ruaraidh Macmillan went out at the end of the tide on 13th June for his first cast of the season and caught this nice fish of about 11lb from the Scap.

Ruaraidh said that he thought the outing was going to be waste of time but is chuffed to get off the mark. The fish was caught on a size 10 cascade with a full floating line.Well done Ruaraidh.

Scottish Govt – Conservation Status Assessment 2019

Members and visitors are reminded that the Oykel outflow (Kyle of Sutherland) Category 1 classification ends approximately 300 metres downstream of the road bridge at Bonar Bridge where the Kyle widens into the Dornoch Firth.

Upstream of this point KoSAA rules and guidelines on catch limits and tagging apply.

Downstream of this point remains Category 3 and all salmon and grilse caught must be released.

Invercharron Beats 2019

The Committee are delighted to announce that the Invercharron beats on the Kyle have now been secured by KoSAA for the 2019 season.

This means that the fishing available to members and visitors this season remains the same as last season and is shown on the Maps  page.

Membership renewals and applications should be sent to Julia (Mimi) Campbell at 2 Meikle, Lairg Road, Bonar Bridge, IV24 3AW.

Kyle Boats

We have been asked by the KoSDFB to remind our members that any new boats on the Kyle should be registered with the Board in Ardgay. Boat owners only need to register their boats once and do not need to re-register each year.

Reporting Rod Fishing Effort

We have been told by Marine Scotland that in addition to catch returns of salmon and sea trout we must supply them with details of the numbers of days fished for salmon each month by our members, even if nothing is caught.


Please keep a record of the number of days on which you fished for salmon each month and record the total on the salmon / seatrout catch return form at the end of the season. Every day fished must be recorded, regardless of the amount of time spent fishing, for example, if you only fish for one hour this still counts as one rod day.

The topic sheet from Marine Scotland regarding reporting of rod fishing effort can be found here.