Loch Cracail Mor

Cracail Mor can provide you with some spectacular sport, hard fighting, beautifully marked wild Brown Trout, of a good size and if you get such a day, you will have earned it.  This is a truly magnificent Highland loch set in rolling Sutherland hills, at the end of a long soft trek.

To reach Cracail Mor follow the same track as for Loch Laro but bypass the Laro fork and carry straight on.  About 1 mile further on you will come to the uninhabited croft at Garvary, which is where you must leave your vehicle.  The track to follow now lies beyond the metal gate.  Now be warned even if you think that the track can be travelled by a four wheel drive vehicle, it cannot.  Many have tried, all have failed.   It is true there are tyre tracks, but these have been made by quads, you will get through on one of these but, even that can be exciting!  Follow the track for a further 1 mile or so, and you will come to a Loch on your right hand this is Loch Cracail Beig which is not an Association water.  Keep going.   Just follow the track and you come to Cracail Mor.  With the association boat moored to your right.  You need to climb the fence to get to it, but it is not difficult.

Cracail Mor is a shallow loch; known for the quality of its fish. Fishing is from bank or boat.  When fishing by boat the best place is at the top left hand part of the Loch.  In fact the whole of the left hand side is best.  Flies to use are the usual Loch patterns with a few recommended favourites, Montana (green ones doing well), Alexandra (once banned in Scotland as it was so deadly), Silver Butcher and Clan Chief, and when it is windy a Muddler has been known to score.

As always obey the Countryside Code.

Tight Lines
There is no mobile phone signal