Kyle Fishing Opening to Visitors

Following the Scottish Government’s relaxation of the coronavirus restrictions to Phase 3 the committee has decided to open up the fishing on the Kyle to visitors and associate members from out with the Highlands. Visitors will be expected to adhere to any current guidelines and observe appropriate social distancing.

The situation in the UK remains volatile with regions still experiencing localised surges in infections and this relaxation may be subject to change at short notice if circumstances demand.

Please contact Kenny or Mimi Campbell for further information. Their contact details are in the “contact us” section of this website. 


Following the recent relaxation of the Scottish Government Coronavirus Guidelines the KOSAA season opened for members on 1st June and our vice-chairman, Douglas Macleay, caught what is thought to be the first fish of the season from the Kyle on Monday 8th June. Douglas was fishing The Gangway and the fish, estimated at about 12lbs to 14lbs, was fresh from the sea and covered in long tailed sea lice. Well done Douglas. 

Anyone who wishes to renew their membership for this season should contact Mimi or Kenny Campbell, Kenny is usually at the old ice house next to the bridge during the fishable tides to issue sea trout tickets for locals.

Please check and adhere to the latest Scottish Government guidelines if you intend to fish.


Subject to the relaxation of the existing Scottish Government guidelines by this date, fishing for members on the Kyle will commence on 1st June.

All persons fishing will be expected to follow government guidelines which those fishing should make themselves aware of.  KOSSA will not be responsible for any actions which contravene those guidelines. 

The guidelines will probably change as the season progresses so please check the latest guidance before fishing. 

No visitor permits will be issued this season.

Tickets to fish for sea trout below the bridge will be available, for locals only, from Kenny and Mimi Campbell. Please contact Kenny or Mimi by phone or email to arrange how these can be safely collected. 

Boat fishing on the lochs using the KOSAA boats will remain closed until further notice. Bank fishing will be allowed if government guidelines are followed.

Fishery Board bailiffs will be checking the membership cards of anyone fishing so please remember to bring these with you if you intend to fish.

As in previous seasons members should notify Kenny Campbell by phone or email of any salmon or sea trout caught by the end of the week in which the catch was made.

Please remember to keep a record of any days that you fish for salmon this season since this will be required as part of the return made to Marine Scotland at the end of the season.

Coronavirus Restrictions

At the moment, Fisheries Management Scotland has recommended that there should be no fishing during the lockdown period which is due to end on 13th April.  By then, as things stand, it is likely that the lockdown period will be extended for a further period. 

Given these circumstances members should be aware that there is now a strong possibility that the opening of the KOSAA season on June 1st may have to be delayed and, depending on how things develop over the coming months, may have to be cancelled altogether.

The usual cut-off date for payment of subscriptions will be suspended for this year and, as the situation becomes clearer, the committee will decide if refunds should be offered to those members who have already paid.

The Committee will continue to monitor the situation and further announcements will be posted as things develop.


Due to the escalating number of Coronovirus cases in Scotland,  I have
decided to postpone the KOSAA AGM which was scheduled for 12th March. 

I hope that we may be able to reschedule the meeting in the  late Spring
once the Scottish Government knows better what it is dealing with.

Peter Routledge