Upper Oykel

Members may be able to fish on the Upper Oykel until the arrival of guests around the 2nd or 3rd week of June. Up to two rods from KoSAA may fish on any one day. Bookings should be made by email to kosaa1967@gmail.com and must be received no later than 7:00am on the day before fishing. As much notice as possible should be given, up to 7 days before fishing. When booking, members must confirm that they have read the conservation policy and rules of the Upper Oykel Fishings, these rules are given below.

Members must report to the Oykel Fishery Manager at the Oykel Bridge Hotel by 9:00am on the day that they fish, when they will be allocated a beat and given a map of the fishings.



Upper Oykel Fishings

Conservation Policy and rules to be observed by The Kyle of Sutherland Angling Association (KoSAA)

The aim of the conservation policy is to:

  • Return as many fish as possible to the river.
  • Adopt best practice for releasing fish to ensure good survival.
  • Optimise the number of smolts leaving the Oykel.

11th January – 14th June

All fish are to be released in accordance with the Lower & Upper Oykel Guidelines.

Only single hooked, or tube flies with a single hook, are to be used, with a size not greater than 2/0.

15th June – 30th September

Single, double and tube flies to be used with a hook size not greater than size No 2.

All salmon, grilse and sea trout are to be released.

Throughout the Season

Treble hooks are not to be permitted at any time.

The sale of rod caught salmon is an offence under Scottish law.

Only 2 rods from KoSAA may fish on any one day. All catches of salmon and sea trout must be reported to The Fishery Manager or the Upper Oykel Ghillie.

Bookings must be made by the Chairman or the Secretary of KoSAA to the Fishery Manager by 6pm of the previous evening. Block bookings are discouraged and no bookings more than seven days ahead will be taken as paying tenants sometimes book late.

Fishing, once allocated, is from 0900 to 1800 each day. Fishing may be available to members of KoSAA up until the second or third week of June but thereafter it will be taken by owners and tenants until the end of the season on 30th September.

The fact that members of KoSAA may fish the Upper Oykel beats at the discretion of the Fishery Manager confers no lasting right to do so and may be revoked by the directors at any time for any reason.