In the letter sent with the membership cards and tags it was stated that:

The top of the Kyle down to the KoSAA boat mooring at Altass can now only be fished from the right bank or by boat.

This is incorrect and should read:

The top of the Kyle down to just below the first Altass turn off, travelling from Inveran, can now only be fished from the right bank or by boat.

The maps page shows the correct limits.

Loch an Lagain Access

There are 3 padlocks on the stock gate at the entrance to the Lagain track.

One lock is for KoSAA access and the other 2 are for the other users of the track.

Please do not bypass the other 2 locks when locking the gate. The track should be accessible by unlocking any one of the 3 locks.

Thank you for your co-operation.

2017 Membership Subscription Rates

The subscription rates for 2017 remain unchanged.

Adult: £110

Adult Concession (age 18-20): £50

Senior (age 65 and over):  £80

Junior (age 17 and under): Free

Sea trout only below (east) Bonar Bridge: £30

Cheques can be sent to the club secretary.

Lock on Loch an Lagain

Most of the early fish seem to have moved on but a few salmon and some nice sea trout are still being caught each week.

KOSAA now has a lock on the gate to Loch an Lagain and the key is being held by Ardgay Stores. If you visit please keep the gate locked and do not take vehicles beyond the parking area at the boat mooring.